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Why Use Glucosamine For Your Dog?

What is Glucosamine?

Glucosamine is a substance that is naturally produced by the body. Basically, this substance is often found on joint fluid, synovial fluid, and cartilage as well as in other organs and connective tissues.


What are the Different Types?

Nutritional glucosamine exists in three different forms i.e. glucosamine HCL, or glucosamine hydrochloride, a salt that is converted to glucose sulphate by the body, glucosamine sulphate, the type that is manufactured within the dog’s body as well as N- acetyl gluco which is a simple sugar.

It is produced from amino acids and sugars and is used as a tissue component, most especially in joints. However, its production decreases normally with advancing age.


What are the Benefits of it?


*Tackling Joint Related Issues:-

This substance has been mostly used to offer treatment and relief of the symptoms and signs of joint disorders. Generally, hip dysplasia (situation whereby normal wear and tear is exacerbated on joint cartilage) a condition commonly known by dog owners is often common among larger dog breeds. This condition causes a lot of bone- to- bone contact thus making dogs to experience severe pain. However, utilizing this dog substance can ensure that your furry friend does not encounter such pain in any way.

Despite the fact that there are some dogs that do not face hip dysplasia in their lifetime, they can still experience a decrease of glucosamine as they age. Therefore, it is ideal that you always make it a habit of adding this supplement to your pet’s diet since it’s a surety that it will prevent your dog from encountering joint pain.


What are the Different Side Effects Associated with it?

Despite research proving glucosamine to be very effective, there are some a few side effects associated with it. For instance, some dogs that have consumed the supplement have ended up vomiting as well as getting diarrhoea as a result of the supplementation.

However, the good thing is that the various side effects associated with it can be alleviated quickly by offering the supplement along- side food or by adjusting the dosage.


Where Can you Find Dog Glucosamine?

Sourced from cow cartilage and shells of the sea animals, it can be found also in different forms including powder, liquid and chewable tablets which can be found easily online as well as in local based pet stores.

However, whether you will be buying it from your area based pet store or online, you must ensure that you conduct some research so that you can be in a position to distinguish between genuine glucosamine from the counterfeit one. Be informed that conducting research will also help you find a reliable person who will not only give you genuine tablets at an affordable quote but also one who will give you satisfactory services when attending to you. We have sourced a blog that has a great guide to the best types of glucosamine for your dog.


How Much Can you Give your Dog?

Most vets will recommend offering your dog about 1g of glucosamine per 50 pounds of body weight on a daily basis.

Last, but not least, since the merits that dog glucosamine carry along out- weight the demerits, ensure that you make use of it in order to make your pet experience its effectiveness. Thank you.


*Please Note: We do not offer professional health advice for your dog and you should always speak to your vet before using any tablets or substances.