Hair restoration NYC – Avoiding Pitfalls in Planning a Hair Transplant

“NYC Medical Center for hair restoration NYC is your one-stop source for all hair transplantation needs in New York City.” The mission of the NYC Medical Center for Hair Transplantation is to provide quality hair transplant services in order to increase the odds of achieving hair growth. Our hair transplant Manhattan office is the first facility in the city where we treat both men and women,” says Dr. Robert A. Pinsky, Director of Hair Transplant Surgery at NYC Medical Center for Hair Transplantation.

Hair restoration nyc – Cost of Hair Transplants

We understand that hair loss can be adding several years to the appearance of your face, causing your self-esteem and affecting a number of areas of your life.” Our staff and experienced team of doctors and hair technicians put comfort, accuracy, and safety as top priorities in every patient’s treatment. After a successful hair transplant in NYC, you’ll experience a thick, healthy head of natural-looking hair.

“We are committed to providing the highest quality of surgery for all of our clients,” says Dr. Joseph L. Deutsch, President and Founder of Hair Transplant NYC. “That means that each patient is evaluated based on their overall medical history and a thorough assessment of their physical and psychological makeup is conducted.

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