How to Supercharge Your Productivity and Make More Money

Every product manager should develop and maintain a well defined, customized sales funnel. It is a process where an account manager and the sales team can focus on customer and client satisfaction. Sales managers need to create a defined sales funnel to define the promotions they are going to offer: they can also use custom-built promotional product packages to define the promotions. Read more

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The Deal List shows the products offered in the sales funnel. Once you have a list of products in your funnel, you will be able to create an order form and the Promo Packages. You will then send out pre-qualifying phone calls to the leads in your list. You can also send out a mass email to your subscribers to inform them about the offers and to tell them where to go to take advantage of the promotion. Then you can follow up with them with an autoresponder to help them take advantage of the promotion.

Once you have these products set up, you should start promoting them using a promotional product package and a custom phone call system to follow up with your leads. It is essential that all your employees understand this strategy and work together with you in order to make sure your customers get the right value for the money spent on the product.

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