Day Care For Dogs?

Doggy day care, also known as dog day care, refers to a brief overnight care for dogs during their stay with their owners. It fills in that gap between weekly or multi-week kennel care and just sitting at home, where the sitter visits the dog’s house regularly. When I first heard of doggy day care, I was interested but wasn’t sure what it would be like. So I decided to ask my friends if they would ever consider taking care of their dogs in such a way. Most were quick to tell me that they would not be interested.

Doggy Day Care Farm Trips

There are a few reasons for their hesitation, such as not being able to afford the day care and perhaps they didn’t feel comfortable with the idea of leaving their dogs alone in their home. My friend Sarah was a bit more open to the idea of doggy day care. She didn’t really want her dog to go through the motions of a daily care but was hesitant to let her dog stay in the house at night. However, she was open to any type of help that could be provided.

My friend Lisa was also open to the idea of doggy day care but thought that maybe the dog would be too lazy to even want to go. After some research, Lisa decided to go ahead with the idea, with the understanding that she would find out how the experience would go before she made a commitment.

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