Timber Fencing & Pool Fencing Supplies in Perth Australia

Timber fencing Perth is the name in the country for a large variety of wooden fencing materials that can be used for both commercial and private properties. Most of the fencing sold in Perth are made from high quality Australian hardwood that is protected by a protective coating that is water resistant. These types of fences are very durable and give the property owner many years of use before requiring re-finishing or painting. Timber fencing in Perth can be found in both pre-fabricated styles and hand crafted designs. Popular styles include planter boxes, dog guards, arbors, guardrails, lattice, vinyl fence panels, skip walls, privacy brambles, and picket.

Best timber fencing perth

Timber Fencing Rates. There are two types of timber fencing Perth residents can choose from: aluminium infill panels, or hand crafted composite panels. The most affordable option, which includes delivery, is the aluminum infill panels, which are UV protected and require no painting. For an idea of how much it would cost to install a timber fence in your property, we will need to first know about the different sizes of posts, and how many inches of post you plan to use.

Decking & Pool Fencing Supplies. If you’re interested in building a new house or adding on to an existing one, the incorporation of timber fencing in Perth is easy. There are many suppliers and manufacturers of composite decks in Perth that offer many design options. Most decking and pool fencing in Perth comes with standardised dimensions that allow you to have a custom made fence constructed on site, at your choice of length, height, width, and materials. In addition to infill panels and composite panels, many decking suppliers also stock vinyl decking and balustrade products. In Perth, there are many decking stores, as well as home improvement stores that stock a variety of pool fencing supplies, including guardrails, fences, railings, pool lights, gate openers, post holders, and vinyl pool fencing panels.

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