Upsell Or Click Funnel?

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Click Funnels is the #1 best of all time internet tool when someone considers funnels. He has both of his own books and, during his times as a mentor, always preaches that core funnel training is the best thing you can do to build your business. Up until now, he even marketed Click Funnels as “preferred” main funnel tool. But is it? Click here –

Upsell Or Click Funnel?

I see so many prospects complaining about not having enough people following them on Twitter, Facebook, etc. That’s pretty much saying that they have no audience or target audience, but no where to put them because they don’t know where to advertise or promote themselves. They are missing out on so much of what makes a business grow. And if you’re in a small business with no audience, you’re going to have to go out and find them – marketing is not a job or a hobby, it’s an investment into your future, business growth and profits.

So if you’re in a small business, are you doing upsold? Are you doing selling because you think you need to promote? If you think you need to promote, are you promoting your own products, your own service, your own blog? If you think you need to promote, are you promoting something that is useless and should be avoided? The only reason that someone should promote is if there is a direct benefit to the person doing the promoting, whether its a free gift or a link that will lead to some valuable resource that will, in turn, give them a lead? With Click Funnel, there is a first click, a second click, a third click – but the leads, the traffic, will be yours, provided that you have something to feed them!

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