The Big Shot Plus Multifunctional Embossing Printers

the big shot

The Big Shot – With embossing folders you can have a professional look for a logo without the expense and the hassle of starting your own business. These are multifunctional and can do almost anything that a laser printer or other high technology engraver can do, they are however priced very reasonably and can be purchased directly from the manufacturer. The sizzix big shot is one of the best designed and manufactured laser engraved products on the market today and can be used for all your letterheads, envelopes and business documents.

The Big Shot Plus Multifunctional Embossing Printers

Each product comes with a sixty-seven page illustrated manual, which contains all the information you will ever need about the product and its uses. The sizzix big shot package contains an eleven piece preloaded template that you can use to create a variety of different designs. This is the standard size for most embossing folders and while the larger sizes are available you will spend considerably less money buying these. They are also available in smaller sizes for those who want to use it for more specialized applications. The sixty-seven-page manual is easy to read and includes all the information you could ever need about the product. There is also an eight pageeren that comes with the package and this will cover all the areas not covered in the manual.

You can use the sizzix big shot plus with just about any desktop publishing platform. These laser engravers are also compatible with the popular Windows based computer operating systems as well as Mac and PCs. When you have the big shot plus loaded up on your computer, you will instantly be able to access all of the hundreds of different projects that you can take advantage of. These machines are versatile because they come in a variety of different styles and sizes and are a great way to increase your creativity and earn extra income from home in the process.

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