Vmax Towing Boat Battery Review – Reliable Power

Landroverbar deep cycle marine battery or trolling battery, sometimes called an epicycle, has many design similarities. One key difference is deep cycle batteries: it has thicker, larger plates allowing it to deliver a constant high power output for long period of time. Deep cycle batteries have no need for cranking; instead they can be drained and recharged multiple times over, unlike electric batteries which must be recharged often when fully charged.

For this reason, deep cycle batteries have many uses in the boating, fishing, emergency power grid and remote control operations. They can be used to power small appliances and can even be a part of an emergency power supply. The batteries are so durable that even after hundreds of charging cycles, they still maintain their full capacity to perform continuously. So, a deep cycle marine battery that is capable of continuous power, can power up all the electrical needs of a boater’s equipment for days at a time.

The vmax deep cycle marine battery is another efficient model which requires zero maintenance and charges to full capacity without having to cranked up to high temperatures. They have been tested to over two hundred and fifty hours of continuous operating time. The vmax also has four high discharge rates, which will keep the batteries life up to a great length.

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