Best Flour Mill (Attatata Chakki/Attatata) For Domestic Usage

Here I am going to tell you Best Flour Mill (attatata chakki/atithi) for domestic usage in India. Navsukhoda aata/atithi expert is the ideal automated domestic flour mill in India since after sales service is great and you will definitely get quality service across the country. It is manufactured by Marath, a leading company in India. It has been manufactured with the latest techniques and technologies, which are an added advantage. The main ingredient of this mill is wheat flour.

Best Flour Mill (Attatata Chakki/Attatata) For Domestic Usage

Marath manufactures four types of flour mills namely MAs, Zephyrus, Unamala and Hingashtak. These are high speed milling machines manufactured by these manufacturers. They can perform various kinds of functions such as, whipping, cutting, grinding and kneading of dough. After using this machine you do not need to make an extra batch to satisfy your requirements, rather you can easily feed it with whatever amount you want as per your requirement. It also reduces wastage of flour as it can perform all kinds of functions.

Marath is a well known manufacturer in India and other parts of the world as well. It supplies all types of industrial products and services to meet all your needs. The company offers spare parts and factory direct facility to its customers. You can also view the product catalog online. The main advantage of buying from Marath factory is that it offers heavy discount on selected models. Buying any machine from the manufacturer assures you to get the original product and excellent after sales service.

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