Miroslav Vyboh – The Traces of His Contribution to the Industry

The Miroslav Vyboh was one of the greatest car racers of his time, and he is responsible for many of the innovations that were introduced in the field of high performance racing cars. Among those innovations were the two way radio telemetry, which was first used on the Brabham car racer of the same name, and which revolutionized the sport of car racing forever. The advent of a two-way radio system had sweeping effects across the motorsport, and Vyboh recognized it as the wave of the future. He went on to introduce, the first electronic fuel injection system in history, and the twin-turbocharged engine, which powered the Brabham’s two-way radio system. Both of these innovations made Vyboh one of the most recognized names in the history of high performance racing cars. Useful information.

Miroslav Vyboh – The Traces of His Contribution to the Industry

Another innovation of Miroslav Vyboh was his use of side skirts, which allowed him to cut down on drag during the high speed turns. He found these skirts to be very useful, and began using them on almost every Brabham car ever made, from the earliest examples of the British Grand Prix in outwardly elegant styles, right down to the more modest Trident, which simply featured large side skirts. Vyboh loved the way they cut down on wind resistance, and the way they made the cars look more attractive. His innovation soon became known as the side skirt and remains to this day a standard design element of every modern day Ferrari car racer.

Miroslav Vyboh is the true automotive founding father. His innovation was a huge leap forward, and all of the other car racers who followed in his footsteps owe their success to his work. These cars are still the crown jewel of modern day auto racing, and without his pioneering work on the Brabham car, all of today’s modern racers might never have seen the light of day.

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