Corinthian Doors

Corinthian Doors are a family of products that are designed and manufactured by the Corinthian Group. The group consists of three companies namely Bell, Holman and Knowles. All these companies compete to produce the best quality of doors in the market place. In turn, this results in customers having wide ranging choices in the products they buy. This is because all the doors being sold fall into one of two categories. They can be classified as standard, modular or custom.

Quality and Comfort Rolled Into One

The commercial product portfolio of Corinthian Doors comprises internal sliding doors, edge trimming, stairway doors, bi-fold doors, bifold doors, hardie panelled internal doors, moulded panel doors, hardie single hung doors and slimline closets. All these products are engineered with different types of materials and various architectural styles. All the doors products have been specifically designed and manufactured to cater to the varying requirements of commercial clients. The company has also set up a manufacturing facility in the United Kingdom which is geared towards exclusive and high class door designs. The doors offered by Corinthian are of high quality and have received accreditation from all the important organizations. The door designs and quality are ensured during the manufacturing process through state of the art machinery and tools.

The doors produced by the Corinthian group are sold at affordable prices. Apart from this, the group offers a full guarantee to the customer against all defects in the doors after the purchase. This not only ensures a long life but also ensures that the door does not need to be replaced for a very long time. The doors are sold online at very reasonable prices. The shipping charges are also calculated in terms of weight and volume. One can always contact the company for a quote and order in case of an urgent requirement.

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