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Education Australia is one of the leading promoters of international education and programs at both the school and university levels. The organization also sponsors a large number of student exchange programs between Australia and the United States, as well as between Australia and other English-speaking countries. The program director for Education Australia, John Spence, has always maintained that Australia should maintain its high reputation in education, and this endeavor is further encouraged by the fact that the country spends a slightly higher amount of per student funding on educational aid than any of its peers in Europe or Asia. Furthermore, despite the fact that many countries around the world have free or subsidized schooling for their children, Australia continues to lag behind when it comes to educational equality, despite having some of the best quality schools in the world. See this

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Education Australia Group

There are many reasons why Australia continues to laggardly achieve in its quest to become a highly-developed country when it comes to education. One of the major problems, which Education Australia has been able to address over the years, is the lack of financial support for higher education within the country. Although Australia does provide financial aid for students who want to go abroad for their studies, most of them have a limited access to this kind of financial help because it is primarily directed towards students who study in specific fields of study. There is also the lack of awareness regarding the availability of financial assistance from the government, which is needed in order for students to afford the tuition fees they need. This problem was also addressed by the program director of Education Australia, John Spence, when he said that the government would be implementing new policies that would make it easier for low-income families to pursue higher education.

The Education Australia group is also very concerned about the plight of the indigenous Australian Aborigines, who often suffer from widespread poverty, social injustice, and health problems. For them, the most effective way to fight these issues is to ensure that the education of their children receive a higher level of government attention. The new government programs aimed at assisting the aboriginal students in obtaining higher education include funding for school uniforms and school fundraising projects. Other programs include providing scholarships to students who intend on pursuing professional degrees, free bus passes to local areas for students to participate in extra-curricular activities, as well as free or subsidized post-secondary education for aboriginal people. Programs such as these will enable aborigines to further develop their knowledge, in addition to enhancing their employment opportunities.

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