Weed Vapes – Choosing the Right One For You

weed vapes uk

A weed vape, also known as a dry herb vaporizer or herbal vaporizer, is designed to heat ground up cannabis into a vapour that can be inhaled. It does this by bringing the temperature of the weed to below the point at which it would combust, so that the cannabinoids and terpenes are released but the plant itself is not burnt. This is considerably less damaging to the body than smoking, which can be harmful to your lungs and causes other health problems.

There are different types of weed vapes uk  vapes, depending on what you’re looking for in terms of functionality and style. Some are small enough to fit in your pocket and can be easily moved from place to place. Others are larger and more elaborate but are still relatively portable. They utilise either conduction or convection heating methods.

The Ultimate Guide to Weed Vapes in the UK: Top Brands and Models

Most weed vapes that use the conduction method heat the cannabis via direct contact with a coil that is powered by electricity. This can lead to uneven heating, and the cannabis that is closer to the coils may get hotter than the weed on the other side of the chamber. This type of weed vape can be quite powerful and offers fast heat up times.

Choosing the right one for you can be a tricky task, but there are some excellent options on the market. The Pax 3 Special RQS Edition or the DaVinci IQ2 are both highly regarded and offer silky smooth hits as well as full control over your vaping experience. They also come in a range of colours and can be used with CBD or THC e-liquids.

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