Capulator Seeds – How the Environment Affects the Germination and Viability of Seeds

Capulator seeds bring you a collection of unique cannabis strains that offer endless swagger. Their strains deliver the best of indica and sativa genetics, resulting in impeccable grows and unforgettable experiences. Whether you are looking for high THC or CBD, these cultivars will satisfy any grower.

What is the success rate of seeds?

The germination and viability of seeds are significantly influenced by their environment, a fact that is particularly important for small-seeded species such as the ones used in cannabis. A few weeks of storage can make a difference in the percentage of normal germinable seeds, and a few days of storage can lead to a drastic reduction in their percentage of viability.

When breeder Capulator went to Colombia, he brought back 15 landrace seeds and crossed them with Alien Genetics’ Starfighter to create Miracle 15, or MAC 1. Cap popped the seeds in his pocket while traveling home and accidentally did a wash without realizing he had them. Fortunately, his wife pulled out the seeds before putting them in the dryer, and he was able to cultivate this stunning new strain.

To assess the influence of seed state on imbibition, the germination of FS, DS, and SS seeds was evaluated after 0, 30, 60, 90, and 96 hours of immersion in a water and GA3 solution. The results showed that the moisture content of FS seeds was higher than that of DS and SS. Nevertheless, when subjected to the imbibition process, all three seed lots reached similar levels of saturation.

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