What Is Garden Refuse Removal?

garden refuse removal

Garden refuse removal is the garden refuse removal of removing waste and debris from gardens and yards. This can include green organic material such as leaves and grass clippings, wood chips and bark, weeds and garden plants. It also includes items like rotting fence panels, broken ornaments, shattered patio slabs and collapsed sheds. Many specialist companies will offer this service. They can collect your waste in a skip or in an independent vehicle via their van. They can take it away in one go or at set times throughout the year.

The quantities of household-generated garden waste entering disposal routes operated by the waste collection authorities were determined through weight measurements and door-to-door interview campaigns in two selected kerbside collections areas within the test valley. The results show that urban and rural households disposed of their garden waste in very different ways; while less than half of the generated rural garden waste entered services operated by waste management authorities, more than three quarters of urban garden waste did so.

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Dumping of green wastes in the wrong places can cause a nuisance, impact on landscape beauty and create health hazards for humans and animals. It can also reduce water quality, increase soil erosion and attract invasive species. Dumped rubbish can block drainage systems which in turn leads to flooding and disrupts the function of ecosystems, affecting aquatic plants and wildlife. It can also increase fire fuel loads, affect visual amenity and generate costs for mitigation measures such as weed control and forest fire.

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