Shipping Container Hire Vs Buy

Container Hire

Shipping containers are a versatile and cost-effective means to add storage space to any home or business. They are able to be transported anywhere and can be modified to take on any form necessary. They are commonly used to store extra furniture, tools, documents and more. Some companies have even turned shipping containers into offices to cut costs of leasing office space.

When choosing whether to rent or buy a Container Hire, it’s important to understand your exact requirements. Depending on the duration and reason for use, buying may make more sense than renting. In addition, if you’re short on capital, then leasing may be the best option for you.

Container Security: Keeping Your Goods Safe During Hire

In trading company lingo, containers that are sold off-hire are often referred to as a ‘Gate-Buy’ deal. This is because the seller takes ownership of the container the moment it gates in at their depot. This can offer significant benefits for buyers as it saves on trucking expenses.

Generally, a delivery trailer is required to transport the container to your desired location. It’s crucial to ensure that you have adequate space to maneuver the container upon arrival. Typically, you’ll need twice the length of the container plus 10 feet in a straight line.

Often, your Alliance Partner will include insurance fees in your monthly rental amount. These fees are designed to protect your Alliance Partner from any damage caused by the storage container while on their property or in transit.

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