Junk Removal Lakeland

junk removal lakeland

Junk removal in Florida is a great option for those who don’t want to deal with hauling junk themselves. Junk removal professionals have large vehicles that can fit a lot of garbage, and they’ll take care of the disposal for you. They can also help with yard waste and other debris that can build up around the house. They can also clean up after a foreclosure or a real estate sale.

The price for junk removal depends on the size of the job and what kind of items you have. You can ask a local junk removal service for a quote by telling them what type of items you have and how much space they’ll take up in the truck. You can also get a ballpark estimate by sending them a photo of your junk. Some junk companies offer free estimates for small jobs.

Residential Junk Removal in Lakeland: Regain Your Home’s Clarity”

In addition to junk removal, some junk companies recycle or dispose of hazardous materials, including paint, bleach, oil, and fertilizer. Some of them even have drop-off centers for hazardous materials, which is an added benefit. Some companies also recycle electronics and scrap metals, which can be a helpful way to reduce your carbon footprint.

The city of Lakeland has a curbside program for garbage, recycling, and yard waste. Residents can sign up for the program online or by calling the city. The curbside pickup schedule is every week, except for holidays. Residents are encouraged to put out their trash and recycling carts by 7 AM on their scheduled trash day. In addition, the city holds two community cleanup days each year.