BC Dispensary Canada Opens First BC Dispensary

The bc dispensary canada BC Cannabis Store opened in Kamloops on October 17, 2018. Public and private stores are allowed to sell non-medical cannabis and accessories (such as vaporizers and pipes) that meet federal requirements. The first store will initially stock 85 different strains of dried cannabis, oils and capsules approved by Health Canada.

The provincial government is responsible for licensing retail cannabis stores. The Liquor Distribution Branch has partnered with local governments to establish the BC Cannabis Store network in urban, rural and Indigenous communities. Communities interested in welcoming a BC Cannabis Store are invited to review the LDB’s guide for local governments.

BC’s Finest: A Guide to Cannabis Dispensaries in Beautiful British Columbia

BC’s renowned growers are known for their high-quality products, which helped drive the federal legalization process last year. That exemplary standard has now made its way into cannabis products sold across the country, and people from around the world can buy BC bud online.

Babins said he’s seen his business boom since legalization, though he still has to pay for things like electricity and water. He says he’s also gotten more customers because they can buy from him with confidence. They know they’re getting a quality product and they don’t have to worry about bad or old batches.

It’s possible that the difference in the numbers of medical marijuana authorizations between provinces is due to variations in policies, regulations and perhaps enforcement of those regulations over years. But it’s clear that after 2014, when the Marihuana for Medical Purposes Regulations were replaced by the MMPR, the rate of authorizations dropped.

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