Cladding Sprayers UK

Over time, cladding can become weathered, discoloured and covered in algae, which not only looks unsightly but can damage the structure. Often, repainting cladding is the most cost effective option to improve appearance and protect from further deterioration. It is also a greener option than replacing cladding completely, and can help to lower cooling costs for commercial buildings in warmer climates.Check this out :

Before any cladding is sprayed, we carry out site surveys to fully assess the condition of the surface. This includes high pressure jet washing to remove any loose or flaking paint, as well as the use of detergents for any greasy areas. We then mask surrounding areas that are not being sprayed, as well as covering floors and furniture to catch any overspray. A full preparation plan is then drawn up, including the removal of any corroded fixings and the repair or replacement of damaged panels. The cladding is then primed and finally sprayed with the colour of your choice.

Quality Finishes: Achieving Excellence with Cladding Sprayers in the UK

We can offer a wide range of coatings, from the anti-corrosion Axalta ViterClad M50 Finish to the longer-term weatherproofing system Giromax, and all at competitive prices. Our experienced team can advise on the most appropriate cladding coating for your property.

We can also offer interior spraying, perfect for transforming your property with a fresh new look. From coloured walls to floor patterns, and even branded spraying for shopfronts and windows, we can help to bring your vision to life.

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