IP Recruiter – Why It’s Important to Hire the Right IP Recruiter


Ip specialists and patent law cover the ownership, protection and transfer of intellectual property business assets. This includes patents, trademarks and copyrights. In addition, patent attorneys draft and file applications for patents and work with clients to identify and protect their IP, and take action to enforce it when necessary.

In many industries the demand for professionals with commercial knowledge is growing. This is an opportunity for patent attorneys who can bridge the gap between a company’s business department and their R&D engineers and technical staff. This is a demanding role which requires both strong technical and soft skills.

Navigating the Competitive Market: How IP Recruiters Stay Ahead

With the rise of lateral movement, it is becoming more common for organizations to hire internal candidates. This is particularly the case in IP where it can be challenging to find a quality associate on short notice. It is also a good way to promote diversity in your team and reassure professionals that you are invested in their development which can discourage them from seeking opportunities at competitors.

It’s now easier than ever for employees to take confidential information from their employer, even when they are not in the office. In fact, a recent survey by Symantec found that 62% of employees think it is acceptable to move work documents to their personal devices and don’t consider it to be a breach of trust.

For this reason, it is important to make your hiring policies and processes clear. This should include avoiding language that suggests you are fishing for third-party IP. It should also set the tone internally, with your teams being instructed not to fish for confidential information during the interview process.

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