What is the Best Light Roast Coffee Beans?

Best Light Roast Coffee – Gourmet coffee is a combination of two words; coffee and roast. A well roasted coffee expresses full flavor and a full-bodied richness that are not found in many coffees. Many coffee drinkers are demanding light roasts, as the rich robust flavors of full-bodied, dark roast coffees are too much for many people. With this, beans are gathered from the finest coffee growing areas and roasted and then packaged in the country of coffee, the United States of America. The Gavina light roast coffee is one of the most popular coffees of today.

best light roast coffee

Best Light Roast Coffee

The first crack of the Gavina is characterized by a light and soft aroma from the medium sized berries. These berries have a light brown color, but they do not have an intense fruitiness or a hint of bitterness like many other light coffee beans. The first crack of Gavina light coffee beans is characterized by a gentle aroma that has a hint of fruit, cinnamon and nuts. It has a mellow sweetness that is balanced with acidity. This is a medium roast and has an average brewing time of around 90 seconds.

Another very common aroma is that of nut and cream flavors, with accents of vanilla and caramel. The Gavina beans work best when they are aged, up to four years in the oak barrels that are used to age them. This gives the beans a smooth caramelized taste with a nice level of body. This is a medium roast, and the beans work very well with this mellow, balanced flavor.